dimecres, 27 de març de 2019


Here’s the interview to Tabita, Damaris and Alina. They come from Romania
and this is the first year they are studying here.

+What’s your name and surname?
-Tabita Nagy.
-Damaris Nagy.
-Alina Cociota.
+How old are you?
T-I am 15 years old.
D-I am 15 years old.
A-I am 13 years old.
+Where are you from?
T,D-Zaláu, Salgi, Romania.
A-Baia Mare, Romania.
+What’s the reasons why you come here?
T,D,A-Our parents work here, in Vic and Manlleu.
+With who do you live?
T,D,A-Our parents.
+What do you want to be when you grow up?
T-I don’t know.
D-I want to be a handball coach.
A-I want to be a teacher.
+Which are the differences between this country and your’s?
T,D,A-Romania is colder than here, Spain
+What’s your favourite singer?
T,D,A-None in particular.
+Which interesting hobbies do you have?
+Thanks for your cooperation, girls

T,D,A-You're welcome

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